Recommended Cloud Server / Hosting Providers?

We currently use Vultr and CyberLynk to host our FreePBX (Production & Backup). But we need an alternative to CyberLynk as their largest VPS box is too small.

Anyone have a suggestion as to an alternative to Vultr (which is great)?

Maybe Linode? We primarily use Vultr as well.

@JSBecker Just out of curiosity, what specs are you looking for?

Vultr and DO honestly.

If you need bigger, then you go to bare metal Vultr or your own hardware in colo.


switched from vultr and linode to Upcloud so far so good

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64 GB of Memory, 16 CPU and 1280 GB SSD storage

Asterisk is not very needy, a $5 DO/Vultr machine good for a few dozen calls, here is an anecdotal thingy

Are you transcoding everything to insane codecs? And recording and encrypting the records locally and storing everything forever?

Not exactly an alternative, but Vultr in a different region/datacenter may fit your backup/redundancy needs.

DigitalOcean has virtual servers of the size you need and I have found them very reliable.

We do record every call, have 218 extensions and running iSymphony. When things get busy you can feel the impact.

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I would install sysstat and see what sar says about your machine after a day or so. (You might be surprised)

Within reason, the number of extensions is unimportant; it’s the number of concurrent calls that matters.

Also, are you transcoding? If so, what codecs are you using?
Are you encrypting? If so, on the extensions, the trunks, or both?

But iSymphony is a bit of a hog with 218 extensions, perhaps look for an alternative?

Thanks, will do

Thanks…will check it out.

Cyberlynk has dedicated bare metal boxes. With as much hardware raid configs and SSDs as you need.

One thing I will say about cyberlynk is their BGP routes are high quality and rarely do I have packet loss on a bad route unlike vultr.

If you decide to use AWS, They have network limits that are associate with Size. The limits are very interesting and there isn’t an exact document but to get data you need a good size instance. I have a number of XLarges running asterisk in aws.

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