Recommendations for FreePBX/ATA combinations

Is there a preferred ATA to use with FreePBX?
Looking through the forums it seems grandstream and cisco are quite popular. I am currently looking at Obihai as well.
Is there a brand that seems to be more reliable to work with FreePBX?

I’ll be using the ATAs for faxes, but will also be using them with analog phones.

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i can only say that we have had good luck with the cisco ata’s. most of them are supported by the endpoint manager which makes configuring them easy

If you are looking for a cheap one buy Cisco. If you are going for something more expensive, try audiocodes.
Avoid grandstream for fax use.

I have had great luck with the Cisco SPA 122 and 112. EPM works great with them as well.

Thank you all very much for your suggestions.