Recommendations for ATA?

Hi guys,

I want to purchase a few ATAs in order to connect a standard phone to the ATA, and for the ATA to connect to FreePBX as an extension over the Internet.

I only need a single FXS port per ATA.

Right now, I have a GrandStream HandyTone 701 and it’s working pretty well !

I’d like to know if you had any brand and/or model to recommend.

Thanks !

Grandstream HT701’s are available in the portal… see , they support one FXS port, and depending on your usage can be provisioned by EPM, and support T38 Fax Mode, or Pass through Fax Mode.

Most of the Obihia line is FreePBX certified as well, I use a couple of those at home myself. The ObI100 would work well for you.

So I take it that this is the device you recommend for an ATA ?

For small 1 FXS devices the OBI or the Grandstream would likely work fine, OBI is pretty responsive to our development team and they are certified. Both solutions should only cost you 30-37 USD, so not a real big investment to give them both a try.

Most of the systems I get involved with designing would utilize something from the Sangoma Vega line, but that sounds like over kill for your situation and request.

I am in agreement with recon

Alright !

I like my GrandStream HT701 very much for the fact that it seems reliable, does what it should and is very cheap!

I’ll make sure to try de OBI too but I can’t find it on the SCHMOOZE PORTAL, is that normal ?

Obihai devices are certified, however we don’t currently distribute them via the portal.

I have an old Linksys/Cisco SPA2102 with 2 FXS ports.

I’m only using it because I’ve had it forever and it didn’t cost me anything. There are literally a ton of configuration options, almost too many. I don’t know if modern day ATA’s have this many config options or not. The unit supports T38 but I don’t use it so don’t know how well it works.

One thing about this device is that it is also a router if you want a router. I don’t need the router functionality so that also contributes to some of the config complexity.