Recommendation: Soft phone for use by Operator/receptionist?


I just thought I would put a query out there for what folks might recommend for using as a soft phone for a receptionist/operator? Paid or free is fine. The client has FOP2 in use as well.

Receptionist/operator currently has a desk phone (Aastra 6867i + 2 expansion modules), but due to what appear to be hardware limitations, only the first 50 or so BLF/Xfer entries on the expansion modules actually show proper presence (the rest just show a ‘?’)

I am thinking that since they have FOP2 in use anyway (currently with a touch screen, but I think it would probably be way more useful with a mouse), and the page is access via a dedicated PC at the receptionst’s desk, it might be better to do away with the physical phone and just install a decent soft phone on the dedicated PC and use a head set.

I am not sure if doing that it would still be possible to do transfers, etc. through FOP2? I imagine it would, but just thought I would check.

I am aware of a few different soft phones, but wanted to see what the recommended one might be specifically for a receptionist/operator?

Suggestions are welcome! :slight_smile:

Did you try Zulu? It has a free Trial.

I have tried Zulu before… really didn’t like it :frowning: That was a while ago, though, so I may take another look.

I did a bit of testing with this some time ago, but it looks a bit stale at this point:

Why have sidecars if you have FOP2?

Here is a photo of our setup here…

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Oh, and yes, that’s a touch screen. One station doesn’t use the keyboard/mouse at all… the other does. The one that doesn’t just tucks the keyboard and mouse behind the monitor.

Sideccars because that’s what was in place before FOP2, but the client just turned over receptionists and it turns out the previous one did not use the FOP2 very much, but the current one would like to.

I would quite honestly like to get rind of the sidecars, partially because they are incapable of showing the status (via BLF) of more than 50 or so extensions, so it makes that asect largely unusable for them.

We put a touch screen with the FOP2 as well, but quite honestly, when I was testing it out, while it was neat, I think a mouse is way more useful for dragging/dropping.

I guess I’ve never tried dragging and dropping in FOP2.

Click the extension (make sure it has a blue border around it), click Blind Transfer, Transfer to Voicemail, Park, etc. Done. Easy peasey.

Dude, if you have a Queue manager teach them how to drag and drop, they won’t stop thanking you!

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