Recommend a server

hi everyone

I want to run an asterisk project for atleast 500 extensions. my purpose is it that people can call togather and use features like voice mail, recording, caller id ,and etc.what kind of server suitable for this target? thanks in advance

I think you have quite a bit more planning to do before you dimension your server.

Many factors influence the server(s) selection process.

how can i planning for this project. what should i do?please guide me.

When I see a question like this I don’t even know how to respond.

You are responsible for implementing a phone switch with 500 extensions on a network that I can also assume you are responsible for?

The steps to dimensioning a server for FreePBX is no different than any other IP based system. Have you been testing and trialing FreePBX to config it is suitable for your organization?

Some questions
[] What kind of phones are you going to use
] Are the users on or off net
[] What CODEC will you be using for phones and trunks?
] How will you connect to the PSTN
[] Will calls be recorded, if so how many and how long to retain
] Average number of voicemails per user and retention policy
[*] What degree of redundancy

and don’t forget the all important question of how many concurrent calls does this have to handle?