Recomendation on industrial grade VoIP phones


I am in need of an industrial grade video doorbell or something similar.

I have an AI Phone video doorbell that sits at a truck scale for remote weigh in. The drivers call in and the staff can see the truck and communicate with the driver. This works, but the AI Phone is just not loud enough nor does it integrate with other Yealink phones on our FreePBX system.

I replaced the AI Phone with a Grandstream GDS3712 doorbell. That works great with all of our other Yealink video phones. Now anyone can pickup the call rather than just the one person with the AI Phone. The issue still is volume. The site is very industrial (mine) with lots of heavy equipment moving around. The trucks also sit on the scale with their engines running and so they can’t hear the staff over the Grandstream doorbell.

Is there an industrial manufacturer of VoIP hardware that would have something louder? Is there a video doorbell that you can incorporate an external, amplified speaker?


The mines (1 business, 3 mines) we work w/ use Digital Acoustics IP7-FX-S3 modules in half duplex mode.
The scale operator has to switch between talk and listen.

This wired up for the speaker output IP Intercom 40W Analog Indoor/Outdoor Re-entrant Horn
This wired up for the mic and call button: IP Intercom Analog 2-Gang Call Station/Call Button

Call button when pushed auto dials the 3 scale operators and whoever picks it up gets it.

All this is in a nice panel box w/ a thermal printer and such for scale tickets. All this was put together through our scale people: Truck & Rail Scales - Gerhart

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I found a picture of one of the cabinets! Thought I’d share.


That is great - thank you for sharing!

I will look into the Digital Acoustics products.

Can I ask what software your business is using for scale management? We use Creative Info Systems’ SMSTurbo.

Not an off-the-peg solution, but I use a SNOM PA-1 hooked up to a Call button, external mic and loudspeaker to talk to drivers in our Car Park. And it can send and receive multicast messages as well.Its a PoE device, so all it needs is a suitable ethernet connection. Its reasonably loud, but has an audio output to hook up to a PA if more volume is needed. Doesn’t do video though.

We have supplied the 2n ipforce for factory gates. they also do a bare module 2N® IP Audio Kit - OEM Intercom - 2N for audio

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