Recognizing the external numbers of an internal extension and automatic internal routing

Hello everyone,

I have a question of understanding:

My boss had called my external number (e.g.: +49 1234 56789 31) on the FreePBX from an internal extension (e.g.: 21) instead of my internal extension (e.g.: 31).
Understandably, the trunk number of our trunk was displayed on my end device and 2 lines were used (1x outgoing & 1x incoming).

Sounds logical to me.

Now he said that the FreePBX could/should recognize that an internal subscriber wants to call another internal subscriber and then automatically route the call internally (e.g.: 21 > 31).
So that the call does not go via the SIP trunk but only internally in the system.

Is that correct? Is it possible to set the system to recognize this itself and automatically route the call internally?
Or does this normally work and is the system perhaps currently configured incorrectly?

Thank you for your help.
Best regards.

Yes it is possible. You can achive this with a loopback trunk or misc destinations.
Routing specific outbound call to extension instead of trunk - General Help - FreePBX Community Forums

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Thank you for your quick reply.
I’ll take a look at your linked post and set it up accordingly.

Best regards

Just configured and tested.
Works perfectly with a loopback trunk.
The dialing rules just have to be adapted accordingly
(especially prefix and match pattern).

Misc Destinations would be much more work in my case with the phone numbers used, but should work just as you mentioned.

Thanks again.

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