Recieve all did calls, but did number is not forwarded to extension (only ext reg no)


We are a new Freepbx user and have a sip trunk with a DID trunk number say 123456700 to 123456709.

We would like to register a PBX with 1 trunk (=extension 700 on the FreePBX.

A incomming route was created on FreePBX for the did’s and forwarded to extension 700.

The PBX does recieve all the calls (number 700 to 709) but not the DID. PBX recieves only 700, even when a call is made to 123456709.

Is there a way to configure this on freepbx so we can route call to extensions and groups on the PBX?

And of course, can this also work for outsides call (multiple outgoing did with 1 registration on freebpx)