Receptionist suddenly can't direct VM transfer

Currently running FreePBX and Flash Operator Panel 2.31.17, with mainly PolyCom SP IP 450 and 550 desk phones. So today we had a power surge, and a handful of desktop phones connected to one PoE switch rebooted. Had to clear out a ghost call that was hung during that period due to that glitch.

All is well now, except our front desk receptionist phone suddenly can’t direct VM transfer callers. Either using the feature code manually on the SP IP 550 (results in Request Failed displayed), or using the Flash Operator Panel (nothing happens). But other phones can perform this just fine, such as my own desk phone or Flash Operator Panel session.

I am going to do a core restart gracefully once we are done here for the day. To see if that resolves the issue. I did reboot the receptionist desk phone and reloaded FOP. I have some log snippets I can post, but just wondering if this is a red herring that anyone else here has run into!

Yeah, logs would help us tell you whats going on.

Since we had the receptionist blind transferring as a workaround, I needed to get this resolved. My try at a quick fix was gracefully restarting the Asterisk server. After doing that all is good again.

Here is a link to one failed direct VM transfer session via the *99 feature code --> Although I think this was the test case where the call did direct VM transfer okay, but there was a delay where the caller missed the VM greeting playing. I have other samples, but for now will chalk it up to that power surge hitting active phones and calls. And I need to replace a few UPS batteries!

Pulling up a few other log snippets, I think the *99 direct VM transfer feature was working for these calls. I can see the ulaw files playing for the caller and whatnot. So there was some wolf-crying in that regard. And the PasteBin snippet wasn’t a good example anyway since it was truncated. Sorry about that!

It seems in retrospect that the FOP function button was the only element that wasn’t working. And the manual feature code direct VM transfer was punched through too deliberately so the callers always missed the VM greetings, assumed it was just dead air, and hung up. Restarting the Asterisk resolved whatever issue involving the FOP.

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