Recent update provides fax destination error?

So after the most recent update to the free PBX system I have this strange critical error that shows up.

Inbound faxes now use User Manager users. Therefore you will need to re-assign all of your destinations that used ‘Fax Recipients’ to point to User Manager users. You may see broken destinations until this is resolved

I have searched everywhere for the setting that is wrong and I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is. I have searched inside of the inbound routes and there is no fax detect on any inbound route.

I know somebody’s going to point something out and I’m going to feel extremely stupid but at this point I will risk the humiliation and so I’m asking the community where on earth is this setting that is driving me nuts thank you!!!

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It’s a notification. Delete it using the “X” thats in the error message itself. It won’t show up again after that