Receiving lots of spam call

I’m totally new in Freepbx and started exploring it from last 7 days. Server is working fine able to make calls between extensions from outside network also working fine.

Problem started when I configured Twilio URIs by proving my public address. After that I’m getting constant incoming call from unknown extension. Have anyone face the same issue then please guide me how to solve it .

Thank you

Asterisk SIP Settings> Set “Allow SIP Guests” to “NO”.

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It’s much more likely that they are toll fraud attempts than spam. This will start extremely quickly if port 5060 is open to the internet.

As well as disabling guest access, you should set your firewall to limit SIP access to your ITSP, and any networks use by remote workers’ phones.

You should also, if your ITSP allows, change your SIP port number to something unpredictable.

Finally make sure that unauthenticated callers can only make calls to your local extensions, and that your phone passwords are strong.

There are various tools, such as fail2ban, which monitor logs and add firewall rules, but it is better to eliminate most sources first.

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Thank for your reply

I set Asterisk SIP Setting> Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls: NO

After this spam call stopped

Thank you so much for giving me idea.

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I tried to follow your advice to close 5060 Port but after closing my all the remote phones were disconnected. So I change port number and open that port again.

Thank you for your reply

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