Rebooting by freepbx?

Hi, everybody

I would like to know if there’s a way to reboot asterisk by freepbx. Perhaps there is a module to do that.
In fact, my goal is to give a simple user the ability to reboot asterisk without being administrator.

Thanx for the reading

Why would you want to do that?

Because some problems can be resolved by a simple restart and many of our customers would appreciate to do that themselves than waiting for a technician to come. For example, I noticed that sometimes analog phones stop working and to resolve this it’s needed to restart Grandstream analogic gateway. So giving a customer the ability to restart some equipment himself can help.
Ain’t you agree with that?

I don’t agree at all. My company now has over 2000 managed phones on Asterisk servers and we rarely (once, or twice a year) have to have an unplanned Asterisk restart. There is something wrong if you need to do this. I have a customer with an 8 port Grandstream gateway and we have never needed to restart it.

Lastly, so beyond the simple problem of giving users the ability to easily restart a critical system process you would also have to assign root privileges to a web script to perform this action. The fact that people refuse to listen to us an open the web up to the FreePBX web interface it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Since you are involved in FreePBX commercially why don’t you come to the training in January? You can learn the skills to manage the systems so you don’t need unplanned restarts.

It would be very good for me to participate to this training but I live in Africa. I really need to improve my skills on asterisk because I often need to restart an IPBX to make it work normaly. Sometimes there are some sizzle in one customer’s line and a simple reboot solve the problem.