Reason why FreePbxDistro, AsteriskLog has 'debug' and 'security' enabled by default?

Hello FreePBX,

Is there a special reason to enable ‘debug’ and ‘security’ by default after a FpbxDistro 13 install?
I used to know that ‘debug’ is very ‘Verbose’ as also said in the explained text above.

Maybe there is a special reason to enable these logs by default? Or can the be disabled without any problem, to keep the logs as clean as possible?

You can control what gets logged under Admin, Asterisk Logfile Settings.

Hello Igaetz,

I know how to adjust the log setting. But I wanted to know why ‘debug’ and ‘security’ is enabled by default in Distro13.
‘debug’ enabled is only used to search for problems and fills the log fast to big file sizes.
Is there a special reason to enable these two options in a fresh default Distro install?

It’s used by fail2ban to track people trying to brute-force passwords and accounts, and ban them.

Hi Rob,
I was thinking that debug was not needed for fail2ban.
Thank you for this answer.