Realtime Queue Status / Wallboard

We just pulled the trigger on the commercial call center bundle for 2 FreePBX installs assuming it would have realtime queue reporting as part of the queue reporting module. I assumed that the call center bundle would come with realtime queue status (which agents logged in, on call etc. etc.) - we have been using Asternic Call Center Stats for this but are trying to make the switch to an all-Sangoma solution because Asternic can be flaky at times.

But the queue stats module is just post-call report generation, nothing real-time. I am seeing a “Queue Wallboard” menu item in the Reports menu, which may do what we need, but it just links to Sangoma’s home page. I can’t find such a module on the Sangoma portal available for purchase. There is a wiki page here though:

Much confusion.

Any hints on how to get hold of the mystical Queue Wallboard module?

Queue Wallboard (also called Queue Statistics) may do what you’re looking for. I just checked, and the Call Center bundle does not include a Queue Wallboard license, so you will have to license it separately.

Thanks Lorne - how can I go about licensing it?

I can’t see it for sale in the Sangoma portal (where the other FreePBX commercial modules are located).

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