Realm configuration

How to set the realm in FreePBX

Your need to do that is for what purpose ?

for sip connection in android and ios app ?

Forgive my bluntness, but manipulating that is often used for illegitimate purposes , after 4 days here, you need to develop a little more self sufficiency and google skills if you want to go that deep.

Will answer all your questions and keep you busy for quite some time.

Based on his other posts, that is what he is after.

While I’m not disagreeing that the OP is being sketchy the changing of the realm is nothing that would flag anything as illegitimate. I have a proxy that my users connect to, they use FQDNs for their accounts. Their realms are the FQDNs.

So how does changing the realm (that is meant to auth your users to your SIP system) automatically equal illegitimate when it is something that can be set to whatever you desire? Don’t conflate settings that are defaulted to something in a system that preconfigures everything for you as this is how it should be. FreePBX/Asterisk sets the default realm to “asterisk” but there is nothing that stops you from changing that.

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