Real Time Text in Call Queue

I am in the process of setting up FreePBX with Real Time Text. Real Time Text is working perfectly between phones. I am now trying to add a Queue that, when called into, rings a group of operators that will be the middle man between an end user and a person that is using Real Time Text to communicate. When the person that is using Real Time Text calls into the Queue, the Operator answers but when text is sent, nothing happens. I assume that there is an issue with the way Queues bridge the call to the queue at the beginning and then transfer the call to the operator when answered.

When I use a Ring Group, when a person using Real Time Text calls into the group and the Operator answers, the text flows just fine. I am assuming this is due to the way a Ring Group creates a bridge with the phones in the group and doesn’t transfer a call when answered.

We would like the Dynamic login and logout that comes with Queues. Is there any possible way to set up a Queue to work in the same way as a Ring Group, or am I just stuck with signing in and out of the phone instead of signing in and out of the Queue?

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