Real Memory Load 100% How to fix

We have Freepbx And Problem Real Memory Load 100%
how to fix issue

without using webmin, what is your cli command “free” saying?
My result on two different maschines (both 4 GB memory) looks like this:

total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 1.863.040 841.556 241.536 98.808 779.948 735.276
Swap: 2.097.148 200.448 1.896.700

Whilst I’d wonder if the image with dial includes cache and buffers, which would make it misleading, and the available figure form free is more useful, the individual process usage figures do suggest a memory leak in Asterisk, so I’d want to ask which version you are using, as the first action on a suspected memory leak is to switch to the latest version.

FreePBX 15.0.37
Current Asterisk Version:** 18.16.0

Screenshot 2023-08-06 154738

12 GB used mem is quite a lot. However 3 GB free, and additional unused 8 GB free and total swap do not look like a problem for me on the first look.
Calculating total 16 GB less 3 GB free and 8 GB free swap results to actually in use 5 GB. Which is a little bit more than my total 4 GB.

Memory usage also depends on what asterisk is doing for you on this machine. How many extensions? What’s the peak call volume? Lot’s of Queues?

This might be normal usage for your use case, in which case a memory upgrade is in order.

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