Reaching The FreePBX Gui Through The Browser

I installed the freepbx distro over KVM. I am now in the server with SSH. Where do I go to access the FreePBX GUI using a web browser? I tried to go to the ip address in the web browser and it says it can’t be reached.

I did configure ip addresses and dns. I also set up a firewall. I have it accepting the http and https services like this.

[[email protected] ~]# sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --list-services
ssh dhcpv6-client sip sips http https
[[email protected] ~]# sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --list-ports
2727/udp 10000-20000/udp 4569/udp

I was able to get to the freepbx gui at i.p.address/admin/config.php

Anything interesting showing up in your /var/log/httpd/error_log while trying to connect, or restarting httpd?


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