Reaching IVR by extension

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(Igor Dobrosavljevic) #1

Is there a way to reach an IVR by simply dialing an extension?

We’d like to be able to give an external caller the option to get back to the IVR before leaving a VM as sometimes they don’t realize that the person they are trying to reach might be out of the office on vacation and there won’t really be any point in leaving a VM if they can talk to somebody else in the office.

I understand that Return to IVR is a thing but that’s being described as functionality that would send a caller back to the IVR after they leave a message. I can’t seem to figure out a way to allow somebody to do this during VM greeting playback.

The best workaround I could figure out is to allow for an end user to hit 0 during playback to go to the operator and then if there was any way to set the Operator extension to the IVR that would give me exactly what we are looking for.

Any hints on how to do this better are also much appreciated.


Perhaps your users should set up a “temporary greeting” when they won’t be getting their vmails.

(Igor Dobrosavljevic) #3

Doesn’t that still require the caller that listens to the greeting to leave a message to continue on in the loop? The plan is to setup temporary greetings, that’s how the caller will know that the person is on vacation. What I am wanting them to be able to do is get back into the IVR without having to leave a VM.


You can bypass the playing message with # and end your message with another # , and have “return to the ivr” on

(Igor Dobrosavljevic) #5

That is another way to do it. Although as I mentioned in my original post, being able to route to it through an extension would take care of the problem as then we could assign the IVR as the office “operator”.

(Avayax) #6

Create a virtual extension, that points to your IVR.

(Chris Dolese) #7

create a misc application , give it whatever number you like , assign destination as IVR …

pretty simple

(Igor Dobrosavljevic) #8

Ugh, I had looked at the Misc. Destinations and failed to look at the Misc. Applications. Misc. Applications is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks guys.

(Brett Carson) #9

Virtual extension is actually a better option because of how IVR systems normally operate. Anywho, glad to see you fixed the issue but for others that stumble onto this, choose that route instead of just assigning a destination from misc application.

(Itzik) #10

Can you please explain?
I have several Misc Applications going to IVR’s no problems whatsoever.

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