Re seller Program

I could not find a forum for the re seller program. Forgive me if I am posting in the wrong spot.

I have a few questions.

  1. What real benefits exist over selling on ones own? I do not know the re-seller payment setup, but why work through a middle man when using free, open source software?

In no way am I “putting down” the program, I would like to know the reasons before I chose to go with it. I would rather have the backing of a company that really knows their stuff and it is nice to be able to say your involved with them and certified.

  1. Who does one get in touch with to talk specifics? I’d like to know if my area is under serviced. I’d like to know average earnings per sales person.

  2. I am with a company that has a sales team in place for other products. Is this program meant for one person, or would it be useful to put an entire team on it? We have no experience in this business, but the business overlaps what we currently provide. I would like to train some people on it and get them working.

I consult for a large Belize media company that is expanding in North America and I need to give them new areas to service that compliment their current.

  1. If a freepbx employee reads this, please contact me: sean.sutherland AT agencyoncy[no_space]corp (dot) com or call me:

Toll Free (N.A.) +1 (800) 661-2243 ext 107
Toronto: +1 (647) 494-0170 ext 107
Direct: +1 (647) 694-4209

1.) There are several benefits to utilizing the Certified Reseller Program, many of which are covered here: First you will have access to discounted training, certified hardware, commercial modules and support, your customers will have the peace of mind that you have been trained to implement FreePBX (you gain more knowledge in the four days at OTTS, then you could own your own for several years building systems yourself, as your training is taught directly by the FreePBX Project managers). One issue that keeps clients from implementing OSS based solutions over proprietary systems is the question “What happens if your company closes?” There are a couple solutions First as a Certified Reseller you can give your clients additional peace of mind in their decision to go with FreePBX by offering them Certificates of Genuine Installation, it guarantees to your customers that the FreePBX Professional Service team will provide direct support to them in the event that you the Reseller no longer engage in or are unable to service the customers support needs. Second as a reseller you will also be able to provide quotes for the PBXact platform, which is a commercially branded and supported PBX platform, which is perfect for clients wanting the power and flexibility of FreePBX, but that require the support provided by a commercial PBX platform.

You will also have access to ongoing conferences with the core FreePBX/PBXact developers to discuss all things related to the development of both platforms.

Most importantly for most businesses, is you will have access to referral leads and customers. The project receives new system leads everyday, and will forward those out to resellers that have completed the Certification Process, as we can be guaranteed that they have the skills and knowledge to implement a PBX solution utilizing the best practices outlined in the OTTS training.

2.) You can sign up to be a reseller here:

You can also contact Schmooze here:

3.) The program requires that at least one person attend OTTS: the more people trained within a company the better that company can embrace and get the full potential out of the platform.

4.) Just sent you an email.

Maybe stuff has gotten lost in the pipeline, but I had filled out all the info requested for the reseller program, and in fact two of us attended the OTTS training (nice class), and nothing was ever heard regarding obtaining reseller status…

Just sent you an email, you can sign up to be a reseller here: