Re-routing inbound call to outbound #

Let me start by saying our FreePBX install was done by someone else and then was handed to me with little to no instruction. So I’m not even sure this is possible. We are running FreePBX with Asterisk

We have an on-call rotation in our company and a customer leaves a message, we get notified, then we call the person back.

What I’m wanting to do is setup a DID that will prompt for a 10 digit phone number, then place a phone call from our PBX to the 10 digit phone number provided, and connect our inbound call to the DID with the outbound call to the 10 digit phone number provided. This is in an effort to

a) Mask the CID from our personal phones when we return a phone call to a customer with our PBX CID.

b) Route the call through our existing call recording software for audit trail and record keeping.

Can this be done? If so, can someone point me in the right direction?

Given those versions, my guess is you have an elastix system, if so, sorry but any advice given here will likely break your box.

We can’t reasonably support elastix as elastix has chosen not to not support FreePBX.

I see. Well I guess that answers that. Thank you for the heads up.

Have you had a look at DISA? This will allow you to dial into your Asterisk system and then after entering a PIN (always a good idea on such facilities) enter an outbound number to dial. So your staff can dial into your PBX and dial out to the customer.

If you want something a bit more advanced then have a look at Opticaller. I’ve been testing it recently and it works really well. It runs on smartphones and will allow the smartphone user to route calls, via a call through or call back facility, via your Asterisk/FreePBX system.