Re-direct to extension voice mail after dialing extension

I am going to try for an answer on this question again. WE are new to Asterisk and are setting up testing on our in house system simulating features we have have been programming for years with Legacy systems. So Far, FreePBX seems to have the best solutions. Our simulated system uses: Free PBX Version 2.8.1…Release 16 Asterisk Version We are using a Yealink T46 and a Grandstream 2130.

We have set up 2 extension (accounts) on each phone, one extension for Auto Answer and the other extension for ring. What we are trying to accomplish is the following: We intercom an extension, auto answer or ring. the calling extension gets a no answer. We are trying to determine if a single button can be pressed to connect the calling extension to the called extensions voice mail. And along the same feature, If we announce a call to an extension before the transfer is made (auto answer), and the extension say that " put the caller in my voice mail" can a button be pressed to then transfer the call to the voice mail of the called extension ?


You will likely need to write some dial plans by hand. Some of this can be done but it could get ugly fast. Also you dont need 2 extensions you just need to know how sip works. Note some functionality of key systems may be protected by patents.

James,Thanks for the response, since I don’t know beans about writing a dialing plan should I contact paid support about this. My goal will be to have this feature on all systems I install. Also, with the Asterisk voice mail, is there a way to listen to the greetings you have recorded for Unavailable/Busy ?