RE: Autoexec reboot Vega by tgross

I saw [tgross]had a post here about Autoexec reboot Vega. [Autoexec]

How can I do nightly reboots on my Vega 60g? I created an txt file for the Autoexec script to reboot, but it gets deleted on reboot. tgoss has that they used “##reboot system, 00 00 * * *”, but I do not see where I put that. Do I put in the admin page under “Scheduled Autoexec Parameters” -> “scripts”?

For some reason the Vega is freezing where I cannot ping it or connect to the Vega 60G. This happens every couple weeks. I have the Vega directly connected to my router and I have replaced the CAT 6 cable.

I am on the latest version 12 software.

If I restart the Vega, then everything is fine, but when I check the logs they are gone on reboot.

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