RCS-RDS config for freepbx

Here is a small note of my config, in the hope that it might save somebody’s time when dealing with a SIP config for RCS-RDS.

  1. make sure IP, Netmask, Gateway, DNS and routes are set corectly (as instructed in the config email).
  2. check with traceroute, ip ro sh, ping, etc that the packages go out on the correct interface/gateway that the DNS servers are reachable.
  3. define a pjsip trunk with:
    username: provided_username
    secret: provided_password
    sip server - one of the ips 82.76.7.xx
    sip port: 5060
    from domain: sip.rcs-rds.ro
    match(permit): 82.76.7.xx,82.76.7.yy (both ips separated by comma)
    codecs: alaw 1st, ulau 2nd.

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