Raspbx with ALSA e OSS chan_alsa e chan_oss (tutorial/2012)


I follow this tutorial:http://raspimods.blogspot.mx/2012/09/portero-ip-con-asterisk-y-tarjeta-de.html?m=1 …and early in’m having trouble setting up chan_oss, chan_alsa and portaudio. I use raspbx image with asterisk 11.6.0 (arm61-linux on 2013-11-05). What I can do ??? (I need this because I have breadboard configured).


Sorry but your questions belong in another forum, perhaps a debian one, this is for FreePBX.

I need help with freepbx gui to ALSA and OSS setup. And everything about
CLI> module load cha_oss

That is asterisk not FreePBX.

(and is only useful for chan_console which needs to built into asterisk, I don’t thing RaspPBX does that)

You said :“I don’t thing RaspPBX does that)”…and I have a question: anyone know ?

RaspPBX is based on PIAF, maybe you should try them first?