RasPBX installation for beginners

Hi guys, I am a little new here, but you may be interested in my guide how to setup RasPBX on RaspberryPi: https://github.com/MatejKovacic/RasPBX-install

I decided to write this guide because I have found out that there is not much good documentation on this topic on the internet.

While the guide is focused on RasPBX, you will find (I hope) several useful information about Asterisk, FreePBX and security in general.

So… enjoy.!


Very nice! Particularly that you also mention some important aspects of how to secure it. Many people seem to forget about security, so it’s nice to see that you didn’t.

What I would definitely add to your instructions is a section about log management and in case of a Raspberry Pi, the problem of only using an SD card. When not using an additional drive, storing all your logs will quickly degenerate your SD card, especially when you decide to use Fail2Ban, which will generate a lot of log files. I’d suggest reducing what is logged or using a Syslog server, but even better would be just mounting an HDD so that those logs are not a problem anymore.

But Kudos for these instructions, it’s very well written and I will definitely recommend it!

Thank you for this hint.

Yes, booting from external SSD drive has many advantages - more speed and no problem of degradation of SD card.

Short instructions can be found here, but I will try to include this into my guide also (however, I need to buy a new SSD drive): https://www.tomshardware.com/how-to/boot-raspberry-pi-4-usb

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