Raspbx help

Hi everyone.

I am new to asterisk/freepbx/raspberry pi and I am currently trying to use an install of raspbx that was setup on another pi in a brand new pi that I have just purchased. The new pi is connected to the same network and I simply plugged in the sd card from the old pi.

I expected the pi to boot up and just work as if nothing changed as it is connected to the same network. Unfortunately, I cant even connect to the admin and voip phones dont work as well.

When I plug back the old pi and insert the sd card, it works fine.

Am i doing something wrong? how can i get the old sd card to work with the new pi on the same network?
The pi is connected via ethernet and there is mac filtering or any sort of security that is blocking the ethernet connection.

Is there any reason why this doesnt work?

The Ethernet conf file will contain the MAC address of the old interface until you let anaconda rediscover your ports.

First, look in /var/lib and decipher the name of the dhcp directory (dhcpd is shown below so change it if necessary). Then…

rm /etc/udev/rules.d/70*
rm /var/lib/dhcpd/*

Thanks guys.

Managed to get it to work.
It was the ethernet port that was eth2 in the new one and the old one is eth0.

Is there a way to make eth0 the default on the raspberry.

Yes. edit /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules

and remove all extraneous lines, then reboot, the eth’s will be enumerated from 0 again.

( in effect the same as Ward suggested you do :wink: )