RASPBX, Freepbx 13 and firewall

I have upgraded my Rasberry Freepbx to version 13. This went well. When I try to install the Firewall the module administration gives the following message:

Publisher: Sangoma Technologies Corporation
License: AGPLv3+
Signature Status: Unknown (What Does this Mean?)
Description: Integrated FreePBX Firewall. Currently works with RHEL 6 and RHEL 7 compatible distributions. Note: This requires the Sysadmin RPM. Please see wiki for further information.
More info: Get help for System Firewall
Missing Requirements:

The File "/usr/lib/sysadmin/includes.php" must exist.

Track: Stable Beta
Action: No Action

How do I resolve this?

The firewall module is not supported on raspi systems

Dear Andrew,

Thanks for your quick response. That is clear.

Regards Frans

It would be nice if there were for Centos 7.

For Raspbian based platforms, you can use “fail2ban” as it is currently been made available for RasPBX for Raspberry Pi.

The complete tutorial and how-to installing “fail2ban” is available for further reading and can serve as reference if you want to install it on your platform.