Raspberry pi usb modem

Hi there,
I have installed freePBX on a raspberry pi and plugged in a standard analog phone line via a USB modem. I was wondering if it was possible to communicate through this line via the raspberry pi or another computer on the LAN to make and receive calls…

Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance!

No, that won’t work.

You need an FXO gateway Cisco SPA3102 is a one port FXS one port FXO that will work with one line.

You can also establish a SIP account with a provider such as our Sipstation and complete calls over the Internet.

Thanks for the quick reply! So if i can’t use that modem with freePBX do you know of any way for me to use it with a raspberryPi for calling and receiving calls?

A way to use your modem for voice calls? No a modem is for data calls not for voice.