Raspberry Pi PHP command line codes to upgrade to 7.4 from 7.0

I have a Raspberry Pi3 with FreePBX 15 installed using the last image found of 10.10.20.img that I have installed OK. I would like to know if it’s worthwhile upgrading to 16, but to do that I will need to upgrade PHP to 7.4.

I understand that although 7.4 isn’t supported, that FreePBX 16 won’t work correctly unless it’s 7.4.

I’ve run the requirements script and I get the following


I’m guessing that the file ownership isn’t that serious as I’ve followed the tips online to check that it’s OK.

Can anyone kindly give me the command line codes to upgrade to PHP 7.4 please?.
Was there any other way to update / upgrade the Raspberry Pi from the original release of 15 as looking on line is a little confusing and it seems that using a Pi has it’s limitations.

There are several builds of freepbx/asterisk against pi’s, you should refer to the one you used for updates. Debian and php 7.4 and node v8 should be fine on any cpu though.

But yes a pi3 is underpowered and the risk of filesystem corruption is undeniable on pi’s.

Thanks for the reply back. I don’t know what build was used on the Raspberry Pi when I did the installation or even if it’s worth going all the effort to upgrade it as I tend to end up having to image it again.

I was just wondering if anyone had a step by step command line set of instructions to get it to PHP 7.4 please?.

Depends on your version of debian you have , 11 will give you 7.4 but ‘sury’ is the goto for most else , a simply LMGTFT would give you

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