Raspberry 4 con Freepbx - Cuestions!

Hello friends,
I want to mount a VOIP switchboard with a Raspberry PI 4.

Can anyone inform me of the limitations?

How many simultaneous calls you can have.

I can configure answering machine to send the audios to the mail.

Thank you


Take a look at RasPBX

You can’t run commercial modules.

That’s one way, or:

Yes, that’s a built in voicemail functionality.


The included script (install) and archive (install.tar.gz) will build
FreePBX 13, 14, or 15 plus Asterisk 13, 15, 16, or 17 on a Raspberry Pi.
iptables, dnsmasq, and exim4 are also installed.

Installation takes approximately 35 minutes to complete on a Raspberry Pi 4B.

Cut out the middlemen


It works with authority on all pi’s


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