Rasberry Pi install of FreePBX

I spent some time yesterday building a Stratum 1 NTP Server (because who DOESN’T need nanosecond accuracy of their clocks, right?!), using a Raspberry Pi 3+. I took the opportunity to have a quick look at the Asterisk RPMs that are pre-built, and they are perfect these days - there is no need to recompile them (Unless you want to use GV and the GV patches haven’t been rolled into asterisk).

So, for people following the instructions, you can remove ALL the compilation steps. Just use the standard dpkg files. I did something like this:

apt-get install asterisk asterisk-opus unixodbc-bin lm-sensors speex srtp-utils mariadb-server

There may be more that are needed, and I didn’t actually get around to seeing if the freepbx side actually works, but looking at Asterisk, it’s fine.

The compilation steps in our Self-Install guides are purely historical. Many years ago, the asterisk packages supplied by Distros were woefully inadequate, and missing critical bits and pieces (like Dahdi, or mp3). That has gone the way of the Dodo, and it looks like everything’s fine.

It would be handy if someone with some time on their hands could verify that everything is working using the standard packages, and then we can update the install guides. Any volunteers?

Edit: Also:

echo dtoverlay=sdhost,overclock_50=100 >> /boot/config.txt

makes a massive speed difference. There are some warnings I found about not using cheap SD cards, as that may be too fast for them, but the worst that will happen is that you’ll corrupt it and have to re-image it and start again.

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