Random Play for On Hold Music

for the on hold music I have uploaded one track. I have enabled random play but everytime I am placed on hold the track starts from the beginning. How do I get it to start in a random place in the track?

Seriously, “random play” means to to randomly play one file from among several, in no particular order. It does NOT mean to jump to a random location within a single file, and if it ever did that probably 99.9% of users would consider that extremely undesirable and annoying behavior.

What you possibly could do is set up some sort of external player that streams the audio, continuously looping the track you want to play, then use the stream as your music source. The document Streaming Music On Hold (Revised) on the ElastixConnection site might be of some help, but otherwsie you are pretty much on your own.

…broke up his music files using Audacity (free software) into one minute chunks, (or whatever) and uploaded them with random play enabled. This gave the illusion of random play… sort of like what you are asking about.


That might work. I have one custom hold music track and have the same folks that call in every week. I just didn’t want to drive them nuts until we can get more music.