Random one way audio issue

I have a fairly new freepbx install that I did and some of the people are complaining about audio issues. And I’m getting a bunch of different responses on it from the users.

Let me give you a little back story. We use siptrunk.com on a spectrum coax circuit. Everything was fine when the install was done then about 3 months later we decided to upgrade the connection from 100/10 to 200/15 and ever since then users are telling me only when they call out they will get no audio. Some people say the person on the other side can hear them but they can’t hear the customer others are telling the customer can’t hear them and they can’t hear the customer.

To make it more confusing they call that person right back and it’s perfectly fine. I have some users telling me it’s happening a dozen or more times a day well other users tell me it happens once or twice a day. Finally we are in the same building as them and are on the same trunk into the building but separate modems and we don’t have any issues like that and we are using the same phones, same software version and same provider.

When they upped the speed, were there any hardware changes?
Did your get a new IP?

This seems like a RTP issue.

They changed the modem but the IP stayed the same. And I have been leaning toward an RTP issue but I don’t know from where

Do you use this as your router?
A lot of people have been complaining that some ISP’s don’t actually setup their modems in passive mode.
If it’s not your router, make sure it doesn’t intercept your traffic.

The issue ended up being with spectrum. The signal was to hot coming in the building. And when the signal would boost it would cause these issues. 2 different line techs came out and adjusted 2 different units on the poles and everything has been fine since then. Thank You.

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