Radio recording


I’m going to connect FreePBX to a radio system and just record all radio stream voices.
Is there any solution?
I read about app_rpt. Is it useful?

Thanks for helps.

Any idea?

Recording Radio streams will be generally illegal if you redistribute them.

In my company we have a Tait TM8100. I just want record voices in my FreePBX server as an extension. Just it.
Do you have any idea?

We would gave to know how it works and what it does and how one would be able to connect to it. and to better understand what you want to achieve.

It’s not free?
Please give me some hints.

Is it possible to connect it via FXS ? our audio in?

We would what it does and how one normally connecst to it ro answer that question.

If the server where you are running your pbx has a sound card, you should be able to connect an audio source to the line in connector and follow some steps to configure a new stream to be used by MOH module.

You can use this as a starting point

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Remember that redistributing copyright material (including local radio or Internet music streams) without permission or royalties can result in fines and a bounty for the person reporting you. The bounty receiver can be a customer or a disgruntled employee.

Reading the OPs original request, it seems that he wishes to use FreePBX to record two-way radio such as a police or municipal trunked mobile radio network (SMRS) for the purpose of replacing the very expensive solutions now in the market. There is an 8 ohm output available as well as 600 ohm (may need padding) for each receiver. Depending on the number of channels in the system he would need to configure a virtual extension for each one and enable recording. How the audio gets to the FreePBX is a technical hardware issue that can be resolved by the radio shop.
With this perspective now, is there anyone who can enlighten the group on how to interface and set up this scenario?

The “Motorola” way of doing that is to send the radio stream through a SIP connection and record the SIP stream. This can be easily accomplished using either external SIP recorders or using the SIP recording capabilities of the system.