QXact Reports

dear team,

i have a question about that plugin. if i click on get “q-xact report” the report are perfect.
but how i can get exactly the same report as email? currently i only receiving csv file with that we can nothing do.
is there any possibility for do that?

thank you

here are the html report and csv report:

“With the QXact Scheduled Reports feature, PBX administrators can now setup reports to automatically run at scheduled intervals, have the report generated based on the criteria defined in the QXact Report template, and then have the report emailed.”

thank you for your reply.

yes thats correct but only a csv. can i select HTML also?

another thing: in the csv what i get i think its a error in this file.


look at line 3, i think line 4 should be on the same line. same for 5 and 7.

can we fix that?

thank you

For commercial modules, you can submit support tickets.


Thank you so much.

i have build an email parsing software that downloads the email, opens his csv and create an html report. after that sending this report as html to the recipient.
thank you so much

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