Qxact export

I have following issue.
When i am trying export a big report for example ‘answered call details’ (about 9000 records) the browser states
’This website is not found’
On exacltly 30 secs.
There has to be a 30 sec timeout somewhere.On the FreePbx or the browser’s side.
I tried with all avilable browsers.
Is there any solution ?
Thank you

Someone please help

This would be a timeout in your php.ini file somewhere.

Thank you ,Thank you ,Thank you
You saved my life.
I changed the value max_execution_time
and everythimg is working smoothly.

I run in another issue.
When trying to get the report (before i have the change to export the report) ihave this error
’Maximum execution time of 1200 seconds exceeded’
So there has to be somewhere else another timout 1200 sec.

this is the entry in httpd error log
PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 1200 seconds exceeded in /var/www/html/admin/modules/qxact_reports/views/report_results.php on line 154, referer:

Is it normal for a simple ‘answered calls’ report to take over 20 mins to display the records (about 26000).
I run the query from a cli and it took about 0.5 sec.
Please advice me.
Thank you

Somebody with knowledge help please