Quickly Override multiple Join Announcements with one Join Announcement?

FreePBX 2.5.1 on Trixbox 2.2CE with Asterisk 1.2.

FreePBX modules are a little behind on updates because this is a heavy (for us) production server.

Have 30+ queues, each with their own specific Join Announcement for callers to hear. Day-to-day, this is perfect. If one queue needs a new Announcement, we use the new Feature Code method to dial it and change it. (Awesome feature, thanks guys!)

However, on occasion it is necessary to override many or all of these Join Announcements with a generic announcement. Working through each message is too time-consuming, as these can be time-sensitive announcements.

Any suggestions/ideas on doing this?

Currently I’m thinking of manipulating the database entries and then forcing a reload/apply of FreepBX, but that doesn’t sound safe, so I’d thought I’d ask here.

Thanks in advance!


while it will still require some sort of manual intervention to each queue, you can try to have EVERY call sent to announcement foo, and then ferried on to its destination queue. foo should be blank until you need to record it. After recording it, you will have to somehow skip/disable (day night mode) the per-queue announcement.

Obviously, the real answer here is: Use custom dialplan


Interesting thought, thank you.

I’ll have to work out the call flow for that a little bit more, but I think I can see how it would go.

The Day/Night mode idea may actually resolve another issue we have, which is the speed at which we can revert back to the “normal” message. Using Day/Night mode features, it may be as easy as dialling a quick code, which flips back to the “normal” recording, and then we can update the “urgent” recording later.

Custom dialplan sounds like an idea, as well. Again, I would have to ponder that one. I’m not great at writing dialplans, but maybe it’s time to learn more.

Still interested in other thoughts, if anyone has them.



or post a bounty :slight_smile: