Quick Question - Intercom style phone system?

(Charles Darwin) #21

If you have lots of time :wink:

(Dazoman) #22

Thanks Charles, I think i might give it an attempt - I will let you know the outcome lol

(Charles Darwin) #23

The manual above is for Asterisk…if you install a freePBX distro, you already have a built-in TFTP-server. The Endpointmanager generates standard (minimum) config files for the Cisco phone…but of course, you can always do it manually and put a xml-config file for the Cisco in the TFTP-folder of your freePBX server.
Use Filezilla (ftp-client) to copy files to the tftp-folder. In case you are on a Windows machine, do not use the standard text editor in Windows, use a Linux-compatible editor like Proton ( https://sourceforge.net/projects/protoneditor/ ). In Filezilla you can set the text editor to Proton…

EDIT: When you use the built-in tftp-server of freePBX, you have to configure the network settings of your Cisco manually on the phone. You can enter a manual IP, a DNS etc…but the most important setting is “alternative TFTP-server”…there you enter the IP of freePBX. After that you restart the phone and it will pull the config file from the freePBX tftp-folder…and the SIP firmware, if you put it there :wink:

Most importantly, check if the SIP firmware is already installed on your phones…because it seems Cisco does not provide any SIP firmware for this phone anymore…

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ok, I was wrong…the SIP firmware is still available…

(Dazoman) #25

So how do i access the tftp server exactly? I am on a Linux laptop, i have Filezilla, do i just connect to the ip of the PC with FreePBX on with port 21?


I would actually look into chan SCCP. There is a good wiki that I’ll link below, and would not require new firmware. There is another module, SCCP manager, that can help configure them too once you have chan SCCP installed.

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sorry for the german…but you’ll figure it out :wink:


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If you want all the features you either go with SCCP, that’s right…or you patch Asterisk, which is just for advanced users


…but in his case, I would just configure two SIP extensions in freePBX and copy a xml config file to the tftp directory…

(Dazoman) #29

Nope, Can’t see that on my FreePBX interface!

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You are funny…that’s Filezilla :wink:
Set up a connection with the IP of freePBX, use the SFTP-SSH protocol, User name is root and the password you should know (freePBX).

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Oh my gosh, I am now in, lol.

So what do I do now? I got the firmware for it, Do i upload it ?

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Cisco provides a cop.sgn file and a zip file. You need the zip file and extract the files. The extracted files you upload with Filezilla to the tftp folder of your freePBX machine. You also need a config file, in which you define the firmware version the Cisco should download… beside other things…and you have to point your Cisco to the alternative TFTP-server…

(Charles Darwin) #33

the tftp folder actually is called tftpboot on your freePBX machine…that’s the way it looks on my machine!

tftp tftp2

(Dazoman) #34

I have uploaded the FIrmware, I have changed the .xml Files according to manual, even mac address i have done the SEP in front, i have done a factory reset, but now the phone won’t load. It comes up with Upgrading then goes to Cisco screen and stays there

(Charles Darwin) #35

Are you sure you have uploaded all files…and the correct files for you model?
Something like this:


usually it takes several minutes…

(Dazoman) #36

I only downloaded the Fireware files, Should i of downloaded the COP too?

(Charles Darwin) #37

no just the zip file and extract all 6 files…or maybe 8…

(Charles Darwin) #38

The link to the manual I posted describes the configuration of a 7941 phone, maybe the 7942 phone needs a different configuration file…

(Dazoman) #39

Yeah I have done that, and uploaded it to the tftp root folder, When i factory reset the phone it says upgrading but i dont think it can see the tftp

(Charles Darwin) #40

Did you enter the correct network settings on the phone? Gateway, etc…AND alternative tftp server? When the phone tries to update, I would assume that it sees the config file…

My 7975 phones had a status or error report feature…where you could find the info