Quick Question - Intercom style phone system?

(Dazoman) #41

No i didnt… Have i just bricked my phone!!!

(Charles Darwin) #42

I dont think so…I installed the SIP software on dozens of Cisco phones (7975, 8961) and never broke anything…although it sometimes didn’t look good…and it took hours to read all the info on the www.

I just read somewhere that when you perform a factory reset and the tftp server is not seen by the 7942 it starts looping afterwards…but it seems that you can again do a factory reset once you have the correct network setup. As far as I can remember, several years ago I used a tftp-server software to finally make a stubborn Cisco to see the firmware files. So maybe you could exactly follow the manual the guy posted for the 7941…and set up a tftp-server as described and do a reset again?

(Dazoman) #43

So any idea then, This have baffled me, I thought the phone being connected to the network would find the files it needed.

What can i do now lol

(Charles Darwin) #44

See above

(Charles Darwin) #45

Based on your description, I assume that you performed a factory reset without telling the phone where the tftp server is (or rather you didnt have a tftp-server available, which can be automatically found by the phone). Actually, when you enter the alternative tftp-server address manually, you dont need a reset to install the sip firmware…

(Dazoman) #46

Correct, and now i am in a loop of trying to upgrade and then it just sits on cisco screen and restarts.

(Charles Darwin) #47

I dont know, if you want to spend so much time with Cisco & freePBX…but if yes…
I would try to connect just the freePBX machine and the Cisco phone to one switch without a DHCP server and then activate the freePBX DHCP server (system admin). You need static IPs on your freePBX server and a client computer from where you access the Web-GUI of freePBX first…then activate the DHCP.
The idea is that the freePBX DHCP server points your Cisco to the tftp server and the Cisco can download the firmware. It could work, if everything else you did is ok…


Afterwards, once the Cisco works again, you could revert back to your previous network settings…

(Dazoman) #48

I think my phones are bricked now, both of them :frowning:

(Charles Darwin) #49

No, I dont think so…after a factory reset they look for a DHCP server and the DHCP server points them to a TFTP-server (option 66 or 150 stuff). But in your case, your DHCP server does not know about the freePBX TFTP-server. That’s all…

It all depends on your time and learning curve…
Next time dont do a factory reset, just edit the alternative tftp-server settings on the phone and restart…but that’s the reason why Cisco phones and Asterisk are not recommended for beginners.

(Dazoman) #50

I can’t even get into System Admin, Keeps failing

(Charles Darwin) #51

As I wrote several postings above, you could try to set up a tftp-server, as described in the 7941 link. The trick is to have a DHCP server, which points your Ciscos to this tftp-server.

EDIT: And you have to be aware…that setting up Ciscos with Asterisk usually takes many hours. So it all depends on you…do you like to spend time solving problems, which you wouldn’t have, when you would have bought more expensive hardware…or not :wink:

(Dazoman) #52

I can’t access the DHCP, I don’t know what to do now. I guess I am going to have to just give up !

(Charles Darwin) #53

As I wrote above, you can set up a tftp server as described in the Asterisk Cisco 7941 article. This software is free and also includes a DHCP server. Yet, this is just about changing the firmware to sip…so, Cisco means pain :wink:

Did you activate your freePBX system and register it at the Sangoma portal? Maybe the DHCP feature only works in the paid system admin module…in the old days a 1 year license was free.

(Charles Darwin) #54

Here is another free tftp server soft


…and here is another manual


…and one more


(Dazoman) #55

Thanks for you time Charles.

I have now given in to the prospect, I think i was out of my league. I felt like I was really close until the phones got stuck.

But i take away knowledge and respect to you and others that have commented to help.
Thank you!

Kind Regards

(Charles Darwin) #56

If somebody can handle a Linux laptop, he can learn how to update the firmware of a Cisco phone.
It is just a matter of time…and try&error
Cisco wants you to buy their expensive phone system, therefore they make it hard to use their phones with Asterisk…very hard :wink:

And again…your phones are ok…they just need a tftp server …and a DHCP server which points to the tftp server.

(Dazoman) #57

I’m looking at purchasing 2 x LG Nortel Ipecs… Will i have the same problem?

(Dazoman) #58

Thank you for the kind words. Maybe i will look into them again soon. Would LG notel IPECS be any good?

(Charles Darwin) #59

Since you gave up so soon…I am skeptical that freePBX is the right choice for you.
Anyway…dont buy any other phones…just install a voip phone app (e.g. Zoiper, Linphone) on your smart phone…switch on the Wifi…and enter the extension settings of your freePBX server.
You dont need a desk phone yet…


If you still want desk phones, consider low-end Polycom (VVX300, VVX301, VVX310, VVX311) sold used for very low prices on eBay. For simple applications (just making and receiving calls), you can configure them from the web interface. More complex stuff like BLF keys involves a learning curve.

Or, get new low-end phones from Grandstream e.g. GXP1625, GXP1628 or Yealink.