Quick help for disabling "call.internationalDialing.enabled" on Polycom VVX

In EPM I want to change the basefile for polycom VVX phones to have call.internationalDialing.enabled as DISABLED. I’m a Cisco guy so not as familiar with polycoms so I’d appreciate if someone can guide how to do it; i.e. EPM>Basefile Edit>polycom_template>VVX150>which file to modify (MAC.cfg / MAC-Features/cfg / Ext.cfg / SIP-Interop.cfg ???), and when adding the entry what should be the section/parameter/value to have call.internationalDialing.enabled as disabled. The reason I need this is because when internationalDialing is enabled, the * key lets you do + which is unused on my setup and interferes with the **NNN feature codes which are used for picking up calls. Thanks

After some trial and error, I managed to do it…
in basefile edit, select the MAC-Features.cfg file
add a new entry as follows:

I hope this helps anyone out there trying to modify your polycom VVX phones’ features.

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