Quick fix needed: s500 phone ring while in call

Have s500 phones deployed with endpoint manager. If the phone user is on a call on line 1, and a call comes in on line 2, it will present on the screen but not ring audibly. Can’t find the setting . Help greatly appreciated. Thanks

is call waiting enabled? or you using a headset?

To be clear, there is an audible tone in the head/handset when the second incoming call arrives, correct? You want the phone to ring the same way as when there is no active call?

Call waiting enabled, not using headset. You are correct that I want it to ring as if when not on call.

i am curious as to the application.

i don’t know enough about the sangoma phones, but as far as i know call waiting was implemented as a way to tell you there is another call. i will be surprised if you can get it to ring normally. the ring tone is played through the speaker. perhaps they have some magic to ring through the speaker while leaving the handset or headset continue with the conversation.

We were using grandstream phones and while on a handset call, it would ring a second or third line. This is a brand new deployment of the s500 so I’m still working out settings.

Also interested in this… Is it possible? It doesn’t make sense, but some of our users are used to our old analog PBX which rang the phone they are on when a 2nd call comes in.