Quick dial? I don't know

New to this!

When I press 1-5 on my phone each number takes me to a specific ext.

1 op.
2. deli
3. marketing

What’s the question?

Can I turn it off? All my phones have function buttons to dial certain ext. I just would rather not have someone press 3 and have it dial an ext…

Well, that depends where you’ve configured it like that. There are many ways to achieve this. It can be a setting of the phone or FreePBX.

Can you point me in the right direction?

What phone do you use?

Sangoma S505

I’m not familiar with that phone. You might want to change the category of this post and see if there’s someone else who has worked with this phone before.

Unless you have configured something on the phone manually (through the web interface) I’m not seeing a way that could happen, unless you have: extensions on that 1-9 range, or things like misc applications.

I would say it is a speed dial… It can’t be a config on the phones because it all my phones… if you press 1-5 and don’t press another key after it starts dialing an ext…

if you’re using Endpoint Manager, check your template.
SOMETHING is telling the phone what to do - so its either the template / endpoint manager,
or its a setting via the web UI of the phone
or someone did something local on the phone to set this?

Can’t be endpoint I provisioned a fanfill wireless ip phone and it is on there too… super confused. I didn’t build this PBX just trying to fix it I guess

Are they in the Asterisk phonebook module?

No… I cannot seem to find a solution for this

Can you capture and example?

I don’t think there is any log to capture on the dial pad physically on the phone if I press “1” and don’t press any other keys it will like speed dial to a an ext… If I press 2,3,4,5 they all speed dial to an ext… It is like that on all phone provisioned on our network…

I don’t think it is EMP because this Fanvill phone I have provisioned isn’t using any templates… Just the ext. and passkey… Super weird… I wish I could find this out…

Look in the CDRs and click on one of them. It will tell you how the call came in. If it came in a 1 and still dials an extension then this is being aliased within the PBX

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