Quick dial? I don't know

New to this!

When I press 1-5 on my phone each number takes me to a specific ext.

1 op.
2. deli
3. marketing

What’s the question?

Can I turn it off? All my phones have function buttons to dial certain ext. I just would rather not have someone press 3 and have it dial an ext…

Well, that depends where you’ve configured it like that. There are many ways to achieve this. It can be a setting of the phone or FreePBX.

Can you point me in the right direction?

What phone do you use?

Sangoma S505

I’m not familiar with that phone. You might want to change the category of this post and see if there’s someone else who has worked with this phone before.

Unless you have configured something on the phone manually (through the web interface) I’m not seeing a way that could happen, unless you have: extensions on that 1-9 range, or things like misc applications.