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Quick beep sound before ring-back on internal calls

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(Cassseus) #1

Using FreePBX

We get a quick beep before the ring-back, but only on Internal calls.

Did some PCAP capture on both internal and external call and only major difference I see is that on external TRUNK calls my Calix ATA only receives a “183 Session Progress” response with no “180 Ringing” while during the internal call setup I see two “180 Ringing” response and no “183 Session Progress”

Only reference I found to this issue is the following but it hasn’t helped me much…

I have tried removing the “r” from the Asterisk dial options but it hasn’t changed anything.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

(Cassseus) #2

I forgot to mention that we are using CHAN_PJSIP and not regular CHAN_SIP

(Cassseus) #3

This was resolved by upgrading firmware on Calix ATA
So not a FreePBX issue.

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