Queueu dynamic agents cant logout

After upgrade to queue module dynamic agents cant logout via *45

system says “agent xxx logged in”

when trying to logout CLI gives this warning.

“app_queue.c:7874 aqm_exec: Unable to add interface ‘Local/[email protected]/n’ to queue ‘10’: Already there”

This is a bug. https://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-15347
Per this ticket, you can try to add a Static Agent. Or use *45XXXX (XXXX = Queue number)

I am also getting this type of issue. Looked a bit through the logs, and some code, but nothing stood out.

I am also having this issue except we cant login to the queue via 45ext*queue. We are also not able to add dynamics agents to the queue in the GUI. When we add them and submit + apply config none of the changes appear when going to review them in the GUI. They just don’t save.
Asterisk 13.21.1
Queue Module:

You shouldn’t have to reload the system after you add dynamic agents. Something’s not right here.

is there a way to manually assign dynamic agents via the CLI? i want to try and figure out if its a GUI problem or something a little deeper

Figured out that while i cant add in dynamic agents to the queue via the GUI, I can login and out via *45120 where 120 is our queue number.
the number sequence "*45*120" which was what i read in the wiki manual didnt seem to work, it just kept saying i was logged out.