Queues/time conditions enabled on aastra displays

I have a questions hopefully someone can answer. I have a current 5.x distro, in fact it’s been running since 4.x so has been up over the past year. On this install we use both time conditions, and also queues. This has all worked OK, and we have lots of Aastra phones on the PBX.

Just a couple days ago, all of a sudden on this install the Aastra phones at random times will say “Queues Enabled” or “Time Conditions Enabled”. They haven’t done this the past year, so of course this is confusing the heck out of all the users, as they don’t understand why all of a sudden the phones are now saying this.

Was this part of the week or so of FreePBX updates, that added this in? We also have EPM, maybe something new in this?

I am just trying to figure out why after a year this is now happening, and if this is a new feature, is there a way to disable this if desired…

I can’t imagine anything at a distro level would cause this.
This could be a EPM thing. Are you using the OSS EPM or the Commercial EPM.

Are you using any phone apps?

I am using the Commercial EPM, and I know there have been updates, so maybe it’s related to this. The OSS is removed to make sure we are only using the Commercial one.

I also actually got a trial key for the REST apps, but then actually pulled them (removed) from the system to see if it would take this away. In fact this has forced us to put off the RESTapps trial till I get this sorted.

As stated before, this is a system that has been running for a solid year, and I am guessing something in the last few rounds of updates changed something, as the just started happening. Phones still work, but of course I have a client with hundreds of users jumping on him because it keeps flashing up the messages on any Aastra phone.

Does anything in RESTapps cause this, or is this an expected behavior for RESTapps users? Only seems to happen on the Aastra sets, the Yealink’s and Polycom’s all seem to be fine…

Should I open an official support ticket for this?

As a followup to my last message, I was just told that I was incorrect on it being only the Aastra phones, that also the Yealink’s get the same messages. So some kind of status being sent that didn’t used to happen…

You must be using Rest Apps? Its a Rest Apps feature.

Thanks for the response. We were going to let the customer demo Restapps, and then when this happened they started flipping out as users were all taken by the messages popping up on the screen. So we even went into module manager, and removed all the associated RESTapps modules, but still the displays keep showing messages.

If this is part of the REST stuff, I do have a couple questions, the first of which is why didn’t removing the REST modules stop this from happening?

Also is there a way to select which phones get such statuses, as this really confuses users that don’t have anything to do with the call queues, or a message about time conditions just confuses everyone. If not, is there maybe a way to set that message, so instead of something like “Time conditions enabled” they get a message like “Night Mode Enabled”?

I guess last on my questions list, is what messages can pop up when REST is enabled? As having strange messages like that pop up on clients outta the blue, just really makes for horrible confusion when this wasn’t happening before…

I guess no more input, I will open a support ticket…

This is outlined in our wiki on Rest Apps. It talks about the message notification bar on the phone will get updated. No way to turn it off.

It should only send notifications to phones that have the app. For example only phones that are setup with Time Conditions should get the message bar when Time Conditions are in night mode.