Queues ring strategy

Does anyone know how I would do the following:

I have a queue, that will have a member, when in the call first arrives, I would like to to ring on that phone (if not busy, and in the queue).

If after 15 seconds, there is no answer, I want the queue to try additional members, BUT also keep trying the first phone…

If after another 15 seconds, I want the queue to try even more members…

For example:

Inbound call, try 8001 for 15 seconds


8001,8002,8003,8004 for 15 seconds


8005,8006,8007,8008 for 15 seconds


You can’t. Asterisk has no such logic in App Queue. You would need to get asterisk to add the feature in the logic if app queue

I did something similar the other year. It was not pretty but I setup three queues. The first rang one extension for 10 seconds then after the timeout was sent to another queue with more extension for ten seconds then the next queue then sends to the first extensions voice mail. Setting up that way could have so many issues. Lucky for me it’s a smaller office with low turn over.

Yes that is a option but for most people not ideal since each where has to failover to the next queue if a user goes to answer just as it times out they are going to miss the call and then start getting a new call from the next queue.

I totally agree with you, and if that office got a lot of calls they could have that problem. That was something I was worried about too but doesn’t seem to be an issue right now.