Queues problem

Hello, we have FreePBX:, Asterisk: 13.19.1, Queues
The configuration is pretty simple but for last time we have some problems with queues.
We have several queues with extensions in them.
The problem is random. When call is coming in queue announce the caller a position in queue but call is never transered to the extension.
The same behavior is when we call from another extension on the problematic queue. But when we call from another extension to the queue member then there is no problem and extension rings.
What can be a problem??

Is there only one queue member, and did they transfer their last call?

In principle, we need the full log, with verbosity at least 3, and the result of running the,CLI, “queue show” command, on the queue. However your system is sufficiently obsolete, that the advice may be to upgrade.

Thanks for your answer. We have several identical queues and we observe the same problem on two of them, but again the problem is random and we can not say exactly which queue is affected and which is not, because the call center may have fewer calls in some specific queue.

Can you please tell me which upgrade path should we follow in our case? Which is best version to upgrade to in our situation?

For Freepbx, Asterisk 20.7.0 is the only real option, as 18 has only about 6 months support left, and 21 needs the development version of FreePBX.

Could we upgrade from Asterisk: 13.19.1 to 20.7.0?
Now we have this versions FreePBX:, Asterisk: 13.19.1.
Is it possible to upgrade directly? Where can I read about upgrade?
As I know when I do system upgrade the version of asterisk is automatically chosen and it would not be 20.7.0, maybe much lower than that. So, do you mean that we should do complete reinstalling of the system?

I can only answer from the Asterisk point of view. Someone else will need to answer for FreePBX. However the only other version of asterisk worth considering is 18.22.0. Asterisk 19.x and Asterisk 17 down are all past end of life, so won’t even get security fixes.

Freepbx 14 is also end of life: EOL Notice for FreePBX 13 and 14 | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring

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Many Thanks.

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