Queues problem with IVR containing long announcement

I am using the following Asterisk 1.2.17, Asterisk-addons 1.2.5, Asterisk-sounds 1.2.1, and FreePBX 2.2.3.

I have several system recordings called MsgA,MsgB, and MsgC. I created a 4th system recording OfficeClosed which contains MsgA, MsgB, and MsgC. Then, I created an IVR called Closed which has the annoucement OfficeClosed.

Now, I create a Queue 2000. The queue has the voice menu option of “Closed” which is the same IVR mentioned above. The problem is when Asterisk tries to find the sound file. Here’s the warning message
WARNING[16572] file.c Unable to open “custom/MsgA&custom/MsgB&custom/MsgC” (format ulaw) No such file or directory

The entry in queues_additional.conf is

I think the problem may be the ampersands. It would work if there’s only one file but multiple files it will throw a warning.

sounds like a bug - that format is used to drop messages into Asterisk commands like Playback() or Background() typically. In the case of the queue it grabs the message and uses it in the queue config - and the queue obviously does not support that.

File a ticket please.

As far as a solution, you will have to make a message which is not a compound set of recordings for that purpose, a single file.