Queues No Longer Ringing All Agents

We have 2 queues - Sales (4050) and Customer Service (4051)

Both queues have 2 extensions assigned to them
401 and 402

When someone calls us and hits 1 for sales or 2 for customer service, it gives the announcement that they are next in the queue, but neither extension 401 or 402 rings.

When I run queue show 4050 I get the following

4050 has 1 calls (max 5) in 'ringall' strategy (0s holdtime, 0s talktime), W:0, C:0, A:5, SL:0.0%, SL2:60.0% within 60s
Trevor O (Local/402@from-queue/n from hint:402@ext-local) (ringinuse disabled) (Unavailable) has taken no calls yet (login was 1105 secs ago)
Chad W (Local/401@from-queue/n from hint:401@ext-local) (ringinuse disabled) (Unavailable) has taken no calls yet (login was 1105 secs ago)
1. PJSIP/United_Sprayers_SIP_Inbound-00000020 (wait: 0:28, prio: 0)

This was all working a couple of days ago. I am not sure what to check or how to look at a log.

Kind regards and appreciate your help :wink:

Running Asterisk 18.20.0 and FreePBX

I tried running

pjsip show endpoints

and it came back that every extension was unavailable but I am able to call into the pbx from the outside and reach both extension 401 and 402 by dialing them from the IVR.

I’ve also run

fwconsole restart

but that did not make any difference.

I just ran

fwconsole restart

again and now all of my queues are working again. While that is exciting to see, I would really like to understand why I needed to restart and if there is some kind of notification I can setup when whatever failed, failed, so I can restart. Just waiting for a customer to reach out to say our phones are not working hardly seems like the solution.

Is there a notification I can setup ?

Unavailable for outbound could mean the registration has expired. Registration isn’t needed the other way. It could also mean that you are getting no responses, from the phone, to OPTIONS requests being sent as part of the qualify process. The full log should indicate which.

Problems often arise because of routers creating transient firewall and port forwarding rules.

Thanks , is there something specifically I should be looking for in the full log?

Reachable and unreachable messages, and registration expired messages.

Are those two endpoints in question actually registered, can you ring them separately?

in Asterisk info report:

Endpoint: 220/220 Not in use 0 of inf
OutAuth: 220-auth/220
InAuth: 220-auth/220
Aor: 220 6
Contact: 220/sip:[email protected];rinstance 272f450daa Avail 53.615

how are you queue agent extensions setup/formatted?